A collaborative approach to power consumption analysis of Android devices.

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Power consumption

Find out how your battery's device is behaving

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Get real-time notifications about the battery level, temperature and charging


Get more information from the community and compare the data
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BatteryHub helps you keep track of your device info, providing details on the wifi, bluetooth, memory, storage, etc.

Easily visualize the data history of your battery levels, with interactive charts!

Start saving energy today.

Discover how can you save energy of your battery's device. Track the data history of your device. GreenHub collects generic data of the device's usage, later it uploads the data to the cloud. Don't worry no private information is collected.

The data is used to make research aiming to improve energy consumption on Android devices. It is available for everybody via API.

Why we make the data open? Very much like the app, a collaborative approach seems the most benefitial and transparent method for the community.