What is GreenHub?

GreenHub is a collaborative approach to power consumption analysis of Android devices.

It is a platform developed in the context of Green Computing research field.

The project is organized in three distinct modules:

The main is goal is to collect data about energy consumption of Android Devices in order to have real-world data to conduct further research, while making it available to everyone interested.

GreenHub BatteryHub

GreenHub BatteryHub is an Android battery monitor app, proving the user with useful information in real-time about their device and its battery such as instant energy consumption, temperature, voltage, battery's health, network's details, memory details, etc.

It also displays statistics charts with the history of battery level, temperature and voltage.

The app also collects samples of various details and uploads them to the web server periodically.

At the moment GreenHub BatteryHub is in Release Candidate! Feel free to try it out, download the app on Google Play here.

GreenHub Farmer

It is the backend component of the platform which stores all the data collect via the mobile app. There is a web app where you can find a dashboard with further statistics, charts and perform detailed searches.

You can access GreenHub Farmer here.

GreenHub Lumberjack

It is a command line app for interacting with the GreenHub REST API. It has many commands to quickly query the GreenHub API.

For detailed documentation visit GreenHub Lumberjack Docs.

Why making GreenHub?

Our goal is to build an open repository of data, collected through the mobile app.

So that everyone can use the data for research promoting collaboration between the community.

Our team

Bruno Cabral
Bruno CabralUniversity of CoimbraProfessor
Fernando Castor
Fernado CastorFederal University of PernambucoProfessor
Hugo Matalonga
Hugo MatalongaUniversity of MinhoMSc Student
João Paulo Fernandes
João Paulo FernandesUniversity of CoimbraProfessor
Marco Couto
Marco CoutoINESC TecPhD Researcher
Rui Pereira
Rui PereiraINESC TecPost-Doctoral Researcher
Simão Melo de Sousa
Simão Melo de SousaUniversity of Beira InteriorProfessor

Photo by Carmine De Fazio.